Some insights and tips to prepare for a summer of fun from JSTOR Daily.

Get the backstory of some of our favorite summertime foods:

The Delicious Origins of the Domesticated Blueberry

Frederick Coville and Elizabeth White, two strangers, domesticated the blueberry together. They valued beauty and worked to support local communities.
hot dogs: americas cheap meat

Hot Dogs: America’s Fast, Cheap Meat

With all due respect to hamburgers and apple pie, hot dogs are arguably the most American of foods.
Green Dragon Tavern

A Brief History of U.S. Drinking

In 1770, the average colonial Americans consumed about three and a half gallons of alcohol per year, about double the modern rate.

Are you going on a summer vacation? The histories behind our favorite pastimes:

How American Tourism Began

American tourism took the scenic route over the course of the twentieth century. A growing middle class and car ownership helped.
Picture of Gunnery Camp, the first organized American summer camp, 1861

Summer Camp, History Of

The first summer camps presented themselves as an natural alternative to encroaching industrial society.

How Americans Used to Picnic

A historic look at the picnic.
Fishing Victorian

How the Victorians Went Camping

If you’re going camping this summer, will you rough it on a wilderness hike, or relax in a ...

And a few caveats to keep in mind enjoying your summer fun:

Summer lake jump

Three Summer Studies to Beat the Heat

The dangers of summer vacation.

What Causes Brain Freeze AKA Ice Cream Headaches?

Brain freeze, or the ice cream headache, is still little understood.

Shark Attacks: A History of Hype

A history of shark attacks and public response to them.
Science of ticks

The Science of Ticks

A mild winter and abundant mice have led to a bumper crop of ticks this year, and with them tick-transmitted diseases including Lyme disease.

Have a great time outdoors this summer, but watch out for blind, mindless, feeding machines.

Happy summer from all of us at JSTOR Daily!