A plate with mashed potatoes, tomato, asparagus, and a blue steak

How Do You Like Your Steak? Rare, Medium, or Bright Blue?

In 1973, an experiment with dyed food and colorful lights had participants vomiting up their half-finished meals. But did it really happen?
Citizens breaking down the door of the parish prison to lynch Italians held for the murder of police chief David Hennessy, 1891

Attacking Italians in Louisiana

Italian immigrants had no qualms about working and living alongside Black Americans, which made them targets for violence by white vigilantes in Louisiana.
Recruiting poster for the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps

Battery X: A Secret Test of Women at War during WWII

Although their contributions have been largely forgotten, women played an active role in Washington DC’s air defense system during World War II.
A silhouette of a spy overlaying a communist flag

Lai Teck, International Man of Mystery

A Vietnamese double agent who infiltrated and led the Communist Party of Malaya in the 1930s, Lai Teck also spied for the British and the Japanese.
A bag of freshly picked potatoes in the field.

Potato Power!

How the potato changed the course of world history…twice.

Buddhist Pacifists at War

In the early centuries of Vajrayāna Buddhism in India, practitioners worked to reconcile the religion’s teaching of nonviolence with the realities of warfare.
New Zealand, North Island, Te Urewera National Park, man, hiker gazing at trees along hiking trail, wilderness, native rainforest, dramatic landscape,

Legal Personhood: Extending Rights to Nature?

The idea of awarding legal personhood to nature has received renewed attention in the contemporary environmental justice movement, but much contention remains.
A stylized illustration of a jazz trio including a trumpeter, bassist and drummer

The Barrier-Breaking Ozark Club of Great Falls, Montana

The Black-owned club became a Great Falls hotspot, welcoming all to a music-filled social venue for almost thirty years.
Visitors take photos of the National Stadium, dubbed the Bird's Nest on April 16, 2008 in Beijing, China.

Building the Olympic Games

A close connection between architecture, athletics, and the urban fabric is central to the idea of the modern Olympic Games.
A Punjabi-Mexican American couple, Valentina Alarez and Rullia Singh posing for their wedding photo in 1917

The “Mexican-Hindus” of Rural California

Anti-Asian immigration restrictions led male Punjabi farm workers in California to marry Mexican and Mexican American women, creating new cultural bonds.