Teaching and Learning Resources from JSTOR Daily

A collection of topical reading lists, lesson plans, and classroom activities, plus research and analytical skill-building exercises.

Professor in front of class
Professor in front of class

JSTOR Daily Reading Lists

Expert-curated collections of essential texts in a particular discipline or on a specific topic in the news.

JSTOR Daily Annotations

Links to JSTOR scholarship that provides helpful context for major public documents.

JSTOR Daily Syllabi

Each JSTOR Daily syllabus collects previously published JSTOR Daily stories on topics in the news.

Visual Literacy: Learning to Look

In her new visual literacy column “Learning to Look,” Virginia Seymour takes readers progressively deeper into the skills essential to being a visually literate person.

Media Literacy: Media, Democracy

In “Media, Democracy,” media studies scholar and former broadcast journalist, Geoffrey Baym, explores how media relate to and impact democracy and democratic practices. Follow the feed.

JSTOR Daily Pedagogical Essays

Methodologies and practical guides for introducing research and scholarship in the classroom.