Brunei: A Tale of Soil and Oil

With an economy based almost exclusively on the oil industry, Brunei offers its citizens a high standard of living—but it comes with limitations.
A woman gently applying skin cream to her face with the tips of her fingers, circa 1955

The Coldest Cream

Cold cream has been around since ancient Greek times. But what’s it actually for?
Illustration of a man catching a catfish with his arm.

Doing Some (Catfish) Noodling?

Remember to leave the hooks at home.
A General View of the Falls of Niagara by Alvan Fisher, 1820

The Fashionable Tour: or, The First American Tourist Guidebook

Offering advice for visiting Sarasota Springs and other sights, Gideon Davison combined the travel narrative and road book to create a new type of travel guide.
Three female animals posing for photograph on an alpaca farm in Central Oregon

The Alpaca Racket

Why are alpacas everywhere, and why are they so expensive?
American Mink in Surrey, England.

Take Back Your Mink

Could lab-grown fur be an ethical alternative to fur farming?
Two beer glasses

Drinking with Intellectual Humility

What happens when you mix alcohol with intellectual humility? A philosopher asks a writer and former bartender to share her thoughts.
Father talking to son at a workbench in the home

How Hobbies Changed the Home

Basements, sheds, and workshops found their way into American homes because leisure activities pursued by men and boys were often loud and smelly.
Photographs of white snowflakes on a dark blue background.

Winter Holidays

Celebrate with some seasonal scholarship from JSTOR Daily for the winter holidays.
Aerial view of Darwin, Australia

Darwin Down Under

The largest town in Australia’s Northern Territory, Darwin offers beautiful beaches, historic seaside festivals, and some tough socioeconomic problems.