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Shall we compare thee to a summer’s day? Hm, no, maybe not. But summer does inspire some lush, passionate poetry and artwork. Here are some poems and visual art we found in the JSTOR and Artstor digital libraries, available for free PDF/JPG download!

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“Summer Work,” by Mary Oliver

Summer Flowers Jerome B. Thompson
Summer Flowers by Jerome B. Thompson (The Metropolitan Museum of Art; 1984.252.1)

“Desultory Summer Poem,” by Geoffrey Grigson

Watching Fireflies on a Summer Night by Mishima Shōsō (The Metropolitan Museum of Art; Gift of Donald Keene, in honor of Julia Meech-Pekarik, 1986 ; JP3710)

“Summer Poem #1,” by Mina Kumar

Summer Evening Emil Ganso
Summer Evening by Emil Ganso (The Metropolitan Museum of Art; Purchase, Harris Brisbane Dick Fund, 1940; 40.111.109)

“Summer Poem #3,” by Matthew Zapruder

Summer Flowers Henri Fantin-Latour
Summer Flowers by Henri Fantin-Latour (The Metropolitan Museum of Art; 1997.347)

“Summer Evening,” by Isabella Gardner

Vétheuil in Summer by Claude Monet (The Metropolitan Museum of Art; 51.30.3)

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