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What’s better than a love poem? In honor of National Poetry Month, we’ve gathered some love poems that go beyond “Roses are Red/Violets are Blue,” ranging from the ancient to the contemporary, the ecstatic to the cynical, the passionate to the nonplussed.

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Here are ten gems from JSTOR’s digital library, available here for free download:

The Art of Love,” Kenneth Koch

“Love-Kiss XLI,” Quirinus Kuhlmann and Richard Sieburth

From “Six Love Poems,” David Ignatow

“Love Poem,” Joyce Carol Oates

“Twenty Love Poems and The Unhoping Song,” Pablo Neruda and Brian Coffey

“Old Love,” Robert Penn Warren

“I Should Like To Write a Love Poem,” Chen S. Yuan

“Making of a Harlem Love Poem,” Willie Perdomo

“An Unpublished Love Poem,” Edith Wharton 

“Love Poem,” Thomas Geraghty

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