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The recent passing of the accomplished poet Lucie Brock-Broido (1956-2018) has saddened her many readers. She was the author of four collections of poetry, and received many honors, including two National Endowment for the Arts fellowships and a Guggenheim fellowship. She was also the Director of Poetry in the Writing Division at Columbia University. Some critics described her as an “Elliptical Poet,” but truly she was undefinable. Here, available for free PDF download, are ten of her most inspiring, thought-provoking, scalp-tingling poems.

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“The Interrupted Life,” in Agni
“You Have Harnessed Yourself Ridiculously to This World,” in Poetry
“Seven Objective Correlatives,” in Columbia: A Journal of Literature and Art
“Currying the Fallow-Colored Horse,” in Poetry
“Rome Beauty,” in Harvard Review
“The Hair of Eva Perón,” in Mississippi Review
“Basic Poem in a Basic Tongue,” in The American Poetry Review
“Apologue on Jealousy,” in Salmagundi
“The One Thousand Days,” in Daedalus
“The Supernatural Is Only the Natural, Disclosed,” in Ploughshares

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