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Meet Fish That Eat Booze Waste (Modern Farmer)

Brewing industries, which grew dramatically in the recent past, generate loads of spent grain that end up in landfills or composts. A New York State company named Five & 20 Spirits & Brewing solved the problem by feeding the mash to farmed fish. Here’s how they did it.

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Sumatra’s Homeless Tigers (The New York Times)

In some parts of Sumatra, people have been spotting more endangered tigers lately, but that’s hardly a good thing. In Sumatra and elsewhere, tigers are losing their home territories to palm oil plantations and other estates, so they are relocating to the few remaining woodlands and living in crowded conditions.

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American Farmers are Killing Themselves in Record Numbers (The Guardian)

From the 1970 to 1980, American suicide cases spiked, reaching the average of approximately one every 20 minutes. While suicide numbers fluctuate with years, the current trend is alarming: Today, American famers are taking their lives at higher rates than people of any other professions in the United States. What’s going on?

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