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S. N. Johnson-Roehr

S. N. Johnson-Roehr

S. N. “JR” Johnson-Roehr is an architectural historian by training. Their research analyzes the intersection of the built environment, landscape, and astronomy, with a focus on South Asia and the western US. Their writing can be found in the Journal for the Society of Architectural Historians, the International Journal of Heritage Studies, and Sky & Telescope. JR is an associate editor at JSTOR Daily.


The Changing Face of Southern California

An expansive collection of postcards captures the evolving cultural landscape of Southern California—particularly greater Los Angeles—in the twentieth century.
Two horses bred at the Bitter Root Stock Farm in Montana

Racing to Respectability

The bankers and entrepreneurs of Montana Territory turned to the race track to bolster their reputations.
Colour lithograph of partial lunar eclipse by Etienne Leopold Trouvelot

Trouvelot’s Total Lunar Eclipse

Immigrant artist Étienne Léopold Trouvelot used his skills to accurately represent the details—and the sublimity—of our solar system.