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Carly Silver

Carly Silver

A public historian, Carly Silver has written for BBC News, History TodaySmithsonian, Atlas ObscuraThe AtlanticNarrativelyThoughtCo/ (for which she served as the ancient/classical history expert), ArchaeologyBiblical ArchaeologyEidolon, and All That’s Interesting, among other publications. She works as an associate editor at HarperCollins and resides in Brooklyn, New York.

An Ancient Roman latrine

This Is How They Wiped Themselves in Ancient Rome

A very gross but extremely informative look at the archaeology of toilet hygiene.
Lady Montagu in Turkish dress, circa 1756

Before Vaccines, Variolation Was Seriously Trendy

Lady Mary Wortley Montagu is credited with popularizing variolation among the aristocracy in England.
A Victorian tea advertisement

The Victorian Tea “Infomercial”

By the 19th century, tea was the British national beverage, and "tea histories" were a form of imperial propaganda.
The Loch Ness Wellington

Bomber Plane or the Loch Ness Monster?

A Vickers Wellington plane was submerged for decades in the Loch Ness, till a group of Nessie hunters stumbled across mysterious sonar readings.
Roman Street Scene by Ettore Forti

Everyone in Pompeii Got Takeout, Too

Archaeologists have found that snack bars called tabernae fed much of the city in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius.