Older photo of Donald Trump waving to the public

Donald Trump and the American Celebration of the Wealthy

A look into how wealth can transfer into fame.
Close-up of a woman with natural hair

Cashing In on the Afro

The Afro became a big money maker as it became more popular. Did that transformation rob the style of its political meaning?
Lyndon Johnson and Martin Luther King Jr. set to shake hands

The Voting Rights Act at 50

Passage of the act was paved by the sacrifices of Civil Rights activists, especially those who had recently put their bodies on the line at Selma, Alabama.
Illustration of the Cosmic order by Robert Fludd, the World Soul.

Let Panpsychism Expand Your Mind

An examination of panpsychism's history.
Woman standing in a dirt road

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Speaker: Linguistic Isolation in the Modern World

Ayapaneco, an endangered Mexican language, sparked linguistic interest when the last two speakers of the language were not speaking to each other
Stacks of paperbacks published by Penguin Books

Penguin Books at 80

The beloved Penguin Books is 80 years old.
Extra Credit Suggested Readings from JSTOR Daily Editors

Suggested Readings: Cancer and Aging, What Emotions Mean, Prison Guards Gone Wrong

Extra Credit: Our pick of stories from around the web that bridge the gap between news and scholarship. Brought ...
A hand holding a palm oil fruit in front of a bushel of the fruit

The environmental scourge of palm oil

Why Palm Oil is dangerous for the environment
Oil painting of a wet nurse holding an infant

The Lifesaving, Horrifying History of Wet Nurses

The history of wet nurses
Young man holding a basketball over a ravine

The Magnus Effect: More Than a Viral Video

What is the concept of the Magnus effect?