Extra Credit Suggested Readings from JSTOR Daily Editors

Suggested Readings: Cancer and Aging, What Emotions Mean, Prison Guards Gone Wrong

Extra Credit: Our pick of stories from around the web that bridge the gap between news and scholarship. Brought ...
A hand holding a palm oil fruit in front of a bushel of the fruit

The environmental scourge of palm oil

Why Palm Oil is dangerous for the environment
Young man holding a basketball over a ravine

The Magnus Effect: More Than a Viral Video

What is the concept of the Magnus effect?
Close-up of E.L. Doctorow in black and white

E.L. Doctorow On New York

Literary giant E.L. Doctorow died in New York — where he lived his entire life — on 07/21. In a 1995 interview, Doctorow reveals what the city meant to him.
Statue of Benjamin Silliman

The Soda Jerk and the Periodical

The history of scientific periodicals starts with Benjamin Silliman's upstart publication.
Saharan Silver Ants capturing a beetlea

Mad dogs, Englishmen, and Silver Ants Go Out in the Midday Sun

Several species have managed to adapt to the harsh, unforgiving environment of deserts.
Stamp-shaped skull and crossbones

Stamping Out the Stamp Act

The history of the Stamp Act as it celebrates its 250th anniversary.
View of the lower part of an airplane

Fly the Friendly Skies in a Grease Powered Jet

A United Airlines jet is the first to take off using only fuels made from discarded fat.