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Pain is Not One Thing (Aeon)
by Rob Boddice
For much of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, researchers attempted to define pain in an objective, measurable way. Now many believe that that was never possible to begin with.

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Divine Workouts (The Conversation)
by Cody Musselman
Today’s exercise regimens have uncanny parallels with religious services. But tying intense bodily experiences to spirituality is nothing new.

The Dead-Bug Crisis (OpenMind Magazine)
by Oliver Milman
Aside from honey bees and butterflies, we usually aren’t too worried about the fate of the bugs around us. But ongoing devastation of insect species is transforming our world.

The Science Behind AI Art (Quanta Magazine)
by Anil Ananthaswamy
AI art engines like DALL·E 2 create astonishing images from unbelievable quantities of training data. That’s partly thanks to a clever application of a model of diffusion in physics.

Why We Walk How We Do (Wired)
by Katrina Miller
From the perspective of physics, there’s something odd about the human gait. Now, researchers think they know the evolutionary reasons behind our walking style.

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