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Return of the Rats (Hakai Magazine)
by Gemma Conroy
The term “rewilding” might call to mind wolves or bison allowed to roam vast wilderness tracts. In Australia, some are thinking smaller, and more urban, with the reintroduction of native bush rats.

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The True Story of Gas Stoves and Health (Vox)
by Rebecca Leber
A recent uproar over a supposed ban on gas stoves had little basis in reality. But just how dangerous are the appliances anyway?

Ancient Native Americans in Asia (Smithsonian Magazine)
by Brian Handwerk
Genetic evidence is showing scientists just how much human populations moved and mixed 5,000 years ago (or even earlier). That includes migrations from North America into what’s now the Russian Far East.

A Glimpse into the Universe’s Birth (The Guardian)
by Harry Taylor
The James Webb Space Telescope is showing us astonishing things happening unfathomable distances from Earth. Some of them, including a star cluster in the Small Magellanic Cloud, might help us understand how the universe began.

Precolonial Africa is a Myth (Aeon)
by Olúfẹ́mi Táíwò
When our view of African societies begins with their relationship to European colonialism, we miss almost everything—from thousands of years of intellectual engagement with the rest of the world to the sweeping histories of African empires.

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