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The mysterious grapefruit (Atlas Obscura)
by Dan Nosowitz
From its surprising origins to its mystifying name to the curious way it changes the effects of many drugs, grapefruit might be the weirdest thing on your brunch table.

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What’s up with the Proud Boys, anyway? (Insider)
by Canela López
Who would join a group like the Proud Boys? Psychologists and sociologists help answer that question—and explain why we should look beyond it when we think about white supremacy.

Beyond translation (Public Books)
by Kevin Blankinship
How do you translate an eleventh–century Arabic book that uses changing styles and linguistic tricks to tell its stories? Try an equal measure of creative English, and recognize that what you’ll end up with isn’t really a translation.

The literary life of the “cuck” (Inside Hook)
by Eliott Grover
In western literature, cuckoldry, real or imagined, has been a source of comedy and tragedy. But true gender equality might nudge all the old tropes toward irrelevance.

Wood-pulp cheese isn’t natural. But then, what is? (Wired)
by Benjamin R. Cohen
For centuries, we’ve worried about which foods are pure and which are unnatural. But in a world where bees living near an M&M factory produce blue honey, what does any of it even mean?

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