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How to look at a cat (Mental Floss)
by Ellen Gutoskey
Ever try to make friends with a cat? They may not be much for praise or hugs, but new research suggests they appreciate a friendly, slow blink.

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What’s that fox going to eat now? (Wired)
by Eric Niiler
As humans change the landscapes that wild carnivores rely on, they’re finding new, human-related food sources, like the mice that eat our crops, or…our dogs and cats.

The not-so-plain style of E.B. White (Public Books)
by Jan Mieszkowski
As coauthor of The Elements of Style, E.B. White advocated straightforward, unadorned writing. As a children’s novelist, he created famous characters, like the spider Charlotte, who reveled in exactly the opposite approach to language.

Changing government structures for political reasons is nothing new (The Washington Post)
by Bruce J. Schulman
Adding new states or shifting the workings of the federal courts in the service of partisan politics might sound radical, but it’s happened before. In fact, it’s how we got some of the most undemocratic aspects of our current federal system.

What’s so bad about young adults staying home? (The Conversation)
by Jeffrey Arnett
Since the start of the pandemic, more young adults are living at home with their parents. In the global and historical context, that’s nothing new. And even today, many twentysomethings and their parents say it’s just fine.

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