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The trauma of family separation (The Cut)
by Cari Romm
More than seven hundred children have been separated from their parents at the U.S. border. What does that do to the psychological lives of these families?

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Rethinking mental illness (WBUR)
by Jeremy Hobson
The deaths of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade shocked many people, given how successful and accomplished they were. What can psychiatry tell us about how to understand depression and suicide better?

The terrifying history of changelings (Longreads)
by Richard Sugg
For centuries, Europeans and Americans saw fairies as terrifying malignant power. Most upsetting of all were the changeling children they might swap with human babies.

Remembering an early American same-sex couple (Artnet News)
by Sarah Cascone
A new Smithsonian Institute silhouette exhibit depicts the nation’s earliest, well-documented same-sex couple, two women who openly shared a household and became pillars of their local Vermont church and community in the early nineteenth century.

Fighting humiliation with humility (Aeon)
by Melissa Dahl
What can you do when an embarrassing memory from years ago pops up and ruins your day? The key may be accepting that, yes, it really was that bad, and also that it’s a part of the human condition.

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