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A Day with the Chimps (Sapiens)
by Kirsty Graham
Chimpanzees sometimes get a bad rap for aggressive male behavior. Using video clips, a researcher shows some other sides of the primates, featuring plenty of goofing off and relaxing.

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The Black Apocalyptic Tradition (Black Perspectives)
by Benjamin Baker
Compared with other groups of Americans, Black citizens are far more likely to believe the end is near. The history of that belief, inside and outside of Christianity, is also a history of race in America.

Renaming the Birds (NPR)
by Nell Greenfieldboyce
Dozens of bird species bear the names of individual people. Now, the American Ornithological Society is changing that in an effort to be more welcoming to diverse birders and celebrate the birds for their own unique characteristics.

The Remarkable Letter R (Atlas Obscura)
by Dan Nosowitz
The “crispy R” has become a social media phenomenon. It’s also a lens for examining the weirdness of this letter, including the tricky cultural issues contained in the way we say “fourth floor.”

Our Digital Memorials (Public Books)
by Tamara Kneese
When many of us die, we will leave behind archives of emails, social media posts, photos, and much more. But how long will these digital memories remain online? And who decides what becomes of them?

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