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What happens when food inspections stop? (Slate)
by Aaron Mak
With the government shutdown, routine FDA inspections are on pause. How bad is that for the safety of our food supply?

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Psychology, for men (The Verge)
by Angela Chen
The American Psychological Association has published its first-ever guidelines for therapists working with men and boys, pointing out that men are particularly vulnerable to certain problems like suicide and violence. But what does it mean for psychology to engage with masculinity?

The evolution of beauty (The New York Times)
by Ferris Jabr
Most evolutionary biologists have seen animals’ beautiful displays and dances as proxies for characteristics like health and intelligence, demonstrating their good genes to potential mates. But creatures’ love for beauty may be much more complicated.

A second life for Christmas trees (Atlas Obscura)
by Rohini Chaki
Feeling guilty about tossing out your Christmas tree? Natural trees have a big carbon footprint, but researchers are looking for ways to transform them into materials that could replace products made from crude oil—or sugar cane.

The calorie-counting trap (Tufts Magazine)
by Helene Ragovin
For a century, many physicians and health authorities have offered the intuitive advice that weight was a matter of balancing calories in and calories out. But looking at what our bodies actually do with different foods suggests a different path.

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