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What Toni Morrison did (WBUR)
by David Folkenflik, Dana Williams, Tressie McMillan Cottom, and Russell Banks
Scholars and writers weigh in on the way the late Toni Morrison transformed the American literary cannon, and the country.

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Terrorism, mental illness, shootings, and the media (The Washington Post)
by Allison Betus, Erin M. Kearns, and Anthony Lemieux
After a mass shooting, when does the media talk about terrorism? And when does it talk about mental illness? A study of 136 attacks over a decade crunches the numbers.

Three ways of looking at the politics of mothering (Public Books)
by Minou Arjomand
How can we think about the political meaning of mothering? Three recent books consider the work of raising a child in light of twenty-first century gender roles, the long shadow of Victorian ideas about race and class, and everyday economic choices.

The real danger of video games (Wired)
by Noam Cohen
No, video games don’t cause violence. But they, like many other forms of electronic entertainment, can warp our minds in other ways.

The scary future of food (AP)
by Seth Borenstein and Jamey Keaten
Even at the lowest levels of climate change that we can expect in coming decades, drought, fire, and desertification will threaten humanity’s food supply. Changing how we eat now could make a difference.

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