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Goodbye, Tab (The Conversation)
by Jeffrey Miller
The iconic diet soda Tab is on its way out. What can its fifty-seven-year history tell us about health, branding, gender, and corporate decision making?

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The many meanings of Advent (Vox)
by Alissa Wilkinson
Advent is a holy season of fasting. Or a time for special holiday TV and daily infusions of chocolate leading up to Santa’s visit. It all depends on who you are.

When QAnon comes for your family (Slate)
by Charles Duhigg
What can you do when someone you love starts believing conspiracy theories? One step toward understanding what’s happening is to think about how your mind works when you wonder whether you left the stove on before leaving the house.

What is personal space? (Aeon)
by Frédérique de Vignemont and Colin Klein
It might seem like you have an innate sense of how close is too close. But our personal bubbles are dynamic, social things that can change depending on whether we’re holding a tool, how we judge the person next to us, or whether new CDC guidance has come out.

The tragic death of a happiness researcher (The New York Times)
by Jennifer Senior
Social psychologist Philip Brickman came up with ideas that probably influence the way you think about happiness and fulfillment. After his suicide, his colleagues and family members had to rethink what they thought they knew about him, and about human behavior.

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