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The dogs of the Lakota (Sapiens)
by Richard Meyers and Ernest Weston Jr.
Historically, Lakota people have had a special relationship with dogs. But colonialism and impoverishment have hurt the canine inhabitants of reservations along with the human ones.

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When Virginia Woolf channeled the voice of a dog (Public Books)
by Debra Gettelman
Virginia Woolf’s modernist stream-of-consciousness writing is known for illuminating the human condition. It turns out it could also bring a dog’s world to life on the page.

How to be outdoorsy this winter (Vox)
by Rebecca Jennings
If you’re planning on leaving the house much this winter, it should probably be to spend time outdoors. But how to stay warm out there? An arctic researcher has answers.

A hit video game’s frighteningly bad historical narrative (The Washington Post)
by Paul Steege
Video games may not cause violence, but they can promote a dangerously distorted view of history. That’s the case with the latest game in the Call of Duty franchise and its morally simplified depiction of the Cold War.

How did those vaccines get created so fast? (Wired)
by Adam Rogers
How did scientists come up with COVID-19 vaccines faster than any previous development process? And can they do it again for other diseases? A researcher who helped make the quick development possible explains.

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