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How to keep that resolution (New York Times)
by David DeSteno
Trying to keep a New Year’s resolution? Willpower might help, but it could also make you sick. Instead, try gratitude, compassion, and pride.

What swearing is for (New York Magazine)
by Danielle Friedman
Emotional catharsis, improved productivity, group bonding, and feminist empowerment: The many benefits of cursing.

Why the whole world loves basketball (The Washington Post)
by Lindsay Sarah Krasnoff
How did basketball become an international sport? Thanks largely to missionaries, military men, and Michael Jordan.

The changing lives of U.S. Muslims (The Atlantic)
by Emma Green
About 60 percent of U.S. Muslims are under 40. This wildly diverse group is finding all kinds of new ways to integrate religious traditions and beliefs into modern American life.

What surf tourism does to Hondurans (Pacific Standard)
by Cinnamon Janzer
Surfing vacations are big business in some Central American towns. But who benefits from the influx of adventurous visitors?

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