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Is Obamacare failing? (Vox)
By Sarah Kliff
A central argument for repealing Obamacare has been that its health care exchanges are failing. Here’s what some health policy researchers say about that.

Why we should care about the fate of zooplankton (Pacific Standard)
by Kate Wheeling
We knew that the newly approved use of seismic blasts for oil and gas exploration could hurt whales and dolphins. Now, a study has found that it also devastates tiny, far less charismatic creatures that are crucial to the ecosystem.

The slippery science of a health trend (New York Magazine)
by Susie Neilson
Is coconut oil a miracle food or a heart attack in a jar? A look at the research behind a recent controversy.

The political spectrum of queer history (The Conversation)
by Laurie Marhoefer
Movements for LGBT rights go back more than a century. A historian looks at “transvestite” clubs in 1920s Berlin, gay Nazis, and the question of respectability.

The trouble with testosterone (The New York Times)
by Therese Huston
Some men take testosterone supplements to gain confidence. The problem is, that confidence can become hubris.

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