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Dr. Hawking and the mystery of the black hole (The Conversation)
by Christoph Adami
We used to think black holes simply sucked in everything around them, including light. Stephen Hawking showed us something more interesting.

As the Arctic warms, prepare for blizzards (The Washington Post)
by Jason Samenow
Why is the northeastern U.S. buried in snow? Mounting evidence suggests it has to do with a warming Arctic.

How much should we worry about the Constitution? (The Atlantic)
by Quinta Jurecic and Benjamin Wittes
Are we in a constitutional crisis? Facing inexorable constitutional rot? Or is the current situation more like an infection, giving rise to a counterforce of antibodies?

School shooting myths and realities (NPR)
by Marin Kaste
The dangers of school shootings are terrifying, but not worsening. Which means the best measures to protect kids from guns go well beyond the school walls.

Fantastic economics (Slate)
by Annalee Newitz
Science fiction and fantasy can help us understand scarcity, automation, and the legal underpinnings of property rights. But it helps if authors learn from economists.

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