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Thinking About Science with Tibetan Monks (The Conversation)
by Daniel Pierce
Are plants alive? That might seem like an easy question, but the answer gets at definitions of life, which—as a scientist teaching at a Buddhist monastery found—differ from one culture to another.

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An Upside of Imposter Syndrome (Science Alert)
by David Nield
Imposter syndrome can feel bad, and it tends to go along with lower self-esteem. But a new study suggests it may also lead to better performance, to the benefit of colleagues and clients of people who experience it.

The Unsung Hero of the Climate Battle (Vox)
by Neel Dhanesha
Smart grids, new fuels, and carbon capture technology are all exciting to think about. Insulation is… not so exciting. Yet it’s one of the best tools we have for fighting—and surviving—climate change.

Stopping Space Junk (The Guardian)
by Ian Sample
We’re surrounded by more than 100 million pieces of space junk. They endanger astronauts and threaten satellites, and the problem is only getting worse. What will it take to get space programs to stop making a mess of Earth’s immediate neighborhood?

Blood Delivery, By Drone (Wired)
by Max G. Levy
Getting donated blood to the people who need it, when they need it, is a tricky task, especially in rural places. A new study from Rwanda suggests that drones can make a significant difference.

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