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Your car door is lying to you (Mel Magazine)
by Quinn Myers
You know that satisfying sound when you shut your car door? It’s the result of careful engineering—but not the kind that aims to make a sturdy vehicle. Instead, it’s the product of “psychoacoustics.”

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The trauma of workplace racism (The Cut)
by Erika Stallings
Workplace racism can cost Black employees jobs and promotions. It also has a less visible effect—trauma that can last years and follow workers to new jobs.

The scientific triumphs of astrology (Atlas Obscura)
by Alexander Boxer
Today we look at astrology as something like the opposite of rigorous science. But the scientific process as we know it owes a huge debt to astrologers like Ptolemy, Abu Yusuf Yaqub ibn Ishaq al-​Kindi, and Johannes Kepler.

Dirty air is a quiet horror (Vox)
by David Roberts
Even if there were no such thing as climate change, eliminating the use of fossil fuels would prevent millions of premature deaths and save trillions of dollars. That’s because of the tremendous, and frequently overlooked, toll of air pollution.

What if deficits don’t matter? (Struggles from Below)
by Steven Hail
We often hear people talk about government spending and taxing like a household budget. But the reality is very different—in many nations, including the U.S., governments are the ones printing the money. That fact can give us an entirely different framework for looking at employment, inflation, and taxes.

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