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Can people with immunity reopen society? (Wired)
by Christie Aschwanden
The idea of having people who’ve developed immunity to COVID-19 start returning society to normal is appealing. But it’s not a simple prospect.

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The accurate predictions of Contagion (CNBC)
by Christina Farr
Hollywood movies aren’t usually known for getting the science of disasters right. But 2011’s Contagion was a different story, thanks to its scientific advisors, who helped ensure that it would ring true today.

How squid talk in the deep sea (NPR)
by Lauren Sommer
Scientists used to think that squid in the deep sea wouldn’t be able to communicate well through visual signals in the dark. Turns out, they can use their bodies kind of like e-readers, producing patterns that could essentially represent full sentences.

What do we feel when we feel afraid? (The Walrus)
by Eva Holland
Are you experiencing any fear these days? How about anxiety? Dread? These emotions may have a lot to do with the world around us, but they live in our bodies’ sensations.

Patriotism won’t fix racism (The Washington Post)
by Mitchell Lerner
In the face of racist scapegoating, some Asian-Americans may take pains to establish themselves as thoroughly American. But that kind of effort was unsuccessful, and even harmful, when some African-Americans tried it in the World War II era.

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