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Danger from a clear sky (Quanta)
by Natalie Wolchover
As if the standard models of climate change weren’t bad enough, a new study suggests that the loss of cloud cover at 4 degrees of warming could create a devastating feedback loop.

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How scary is the India-Pakistan conflict? (Pacific Standard)
by Jack Herrera
Could the latest clashes between India and Pakistan escalate to the use of nuclear weapons? Experts say it’s not time to panic, but not time to relax either.

Fighting trauma for content moderators (The Verge)
by Angela Chen
For social media’s content moderators, looking at disturbing images all day can lead to mental health problems. There are ways to help, but they’d require structural changes in how these companies operate.

What’s fun about biblical language? (Aeon)
by Robert Alter
Most translations of the Bible try to stay loyal to the meaning of each word. But that can obscure aspects of the language that a new translation tries to address, including rhymes and wordplay.

The roots of South African witch hunts (Nursing Clio)
by Faith Bennett
The persecution of healers as “witches” in South Africa stems from a complicated history of colonialism, race, and gender.

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