Never Mind That Extra Second, What Happened to Those 11 Days?

The 1752 British transition from Julian to Gregorian calendar added 11 days to people's lives.

Ballpoint Pen CSI

A short history of the ballpoint pen and early debates about its impact on handwriting.

Beavers, Hats, and the Fur Trade

Origins of the North American fur trade.

The Erotics of Backgammon

James E. Doan reveals the sexual innuendoes and double-entendres based on Backgammon.

The Origins of St. Valentine’s Day

The complicated origins of St. Valentine's Day.
Let's Talk Turkey

Let’s Talk Turkey

First of all, why the name "turkey?"

The Modern Invention of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving as we know it was deliberately invented in the nineteenth century.

Waking the Spirits: The Diaries of John A. Clark

During the fall and winter of 1861-1862, Clark and many other officials in Santa Fe attended at least eight séances.

A Hell of a Cracker

The unusual origin of the graham cracker