Escapist Humor in East and West Berlin

Humor in East and West Berlin before the wall came down.

(Un)Catalogued: Making Claims

How claims records and other documents serve as historical sources.

The Influence of Wars on American Politics

What does war do to domestic American politics?

A Hell of A Cracker

The unusual origin of the graham cracker

A Complicated Man: John Baylor’s Letters to His Family

How could John Baylor have done such terrible thing and simultaneously be so effusively affectionate in his letters home?

The Early American Origins of Political Terms

What does stump speech and pork barrel mean? A short lexicon of American political terms.

Remembering and Representing Alan Turing

The Imitation Game, starring Benedict Cumberbatch, is opening in wide release later this fall, bringing the tragic story of ...

The Urban Lawyer

Highlights from the American Bar Association's publication, The Urban Lawyer

Interview with MacArthur Fellow Sarah Deer: Native Women and the Law

MacArthur Fellow Sarah Deer discusses her legal work in preventing sexual violence among the Native American population.

(Un)Catalogued: Reading the Landscape

For the past two months, I have been on a researching road trip through the West and Southwest—Colorado, ...