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When Birds Travel By Boat (Hakai Magazine)
by Ute Eberle
Migration is hard work. But some birds have found a brilliant hack: catching a ride on board a cargo ship. Scientists are now studying how this behavior is bringing birds to new places.

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Does Animal Welfare Include Insects? (Wired)
by Matt Reynolds
Insect-farming is a fast-growing industry that promises to provide sustainable protein for the world. Would it change how this industry develops if we thought insects were sentient?

The Religious Life of the USSR (Aeon)
by Kathryn David
Everyone knows the Soviet Union was devoted to atheism. But in the years after World War II, religion—under the control of the state—was key to bringing more of Eastern Europe under its control, creating a complex legacy still felt today.

The True Story of Cavemen’s Clubs (Sapiens)
by Václav Hrnčíř
In our cartoon-based understanding of “cavemen,” wooden clubs represent crude violence. For real early humans, they may have been a tool for keeping conflicts from turning fatal—and maybe also intricately crafted works of art.

The Volcanos of Venus (Eos)
by Javier Barbuzano
New evidence seems to confirm that theres ongoing volcanic activity on Venus. What does this tell us about Earth’s toxic twin, and about other planets we haven’t even seen yet?

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