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Generations of Black Brooklyn life (BK Reader)
by Nigel Roberts
Black people were among the first settlers of what’s now Brooklyn’s Bushwick neighborhood in the 1660s. An illustrated history explores daily life among Black Brooklyn residents of all classes and backgrounds over nearly 400 years.

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In praise of fungi (The Guardian)
by Giuliana Furci
Without fungi, we wouldn’t have bread or chocolate…or trees. Mushrooms and their cousins are misunderstood, but they’re increasingly claiming their rightful place as an important part of conservation policies.

Rethinking AI (Wired)
by Daron Acemoglu, Michael I. Jordan and E. Glen Weyl
Can a computer beat the best human player at Go, or convincingly imitate a human while texting? These are interesting questions, but they might not be the right ones to ask about artificial intelligence. Instead, the best use of computers may be to facilitate the emergence of collective intelligence in groups of humans.

Chin Foin and the birth of American Chinese restaurants (Atlas Obscura)
by Diana Hubbell
Chicago restaurateur Chin Foin helped transform white American eating habits, gaining wealth and prestige in the process. In 1924, he was found dead in an elevator shaft, in what may or may not have been a tragic accident.

What’s up with inflation? (The Conversation)
by Craig Austin
A surge in customer spending alongside hiccups in global manufacturing and transportation have led to a jump in prices. As long as people have money to spend and supply chains remain strained, they may keep going up.

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