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Fancy an ant bath? (CBC News)
by Cathy Kearney
When a photographer spotted an apparently healthy crow covered in ants, he was confused. But scientists say “anting,” intentionally putting ants on their feathers, is perfectly normal bird behavior, even if humans don’t know for sure why they do it.

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Gay liberation road trip: An oral history (Harper’s Bazaar)
by Hugh Ryan
In 1970, five gay liberation activists drove across the country, spreading the word about an upcoming Black Panther convention. Historian Hugh Ryan collects their memories of communal life, drugs, fast food, and revolutionary dreams.

Why bring viruses into labs? (The Conversation)
by Jerry Malayer
Why would scientists mess with potentially dangerous viruses in their laboratories anyway? It’s true that there are risks to this work, but there are also very serious risks to not finding out everything we can about biological hazards.

Black preschools, white preschools (Culture Study)
by Anne Helen Petersen
US preschools are highly segregated by race and class. That affects the experiences kids have, regardless of programs’ educational quality.

What is church for? (Christianity Today)
by Lyman Stone
Christian parents generally want church to help their kids figure out how to make good choices and be happy. For youth ministers more concerned about the transcendental aspects of religion, that can be a challenge.

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