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Shifting Rivers Support the Amazon’s Biodiversity (Quanta Magazine)
by Yasemin Saplakoglu
The Amazon rainforest hosts an incredible array of species. Why so many? One reason may be the way its rivers meander and curve, changing shapes and reshuffling boundaries.

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The Global Rise of the Chicken (Science)
by Ann Gibbons
There are lots of chickens in the New Testament, but none in the Old. That, combined with newly gathered archaeological evidence, helps us see how chickens spread across the world—and transformed from prized living possessions to ordinary food.

The War in Ukraine and the Global South (Vox)
by Jonathan Guyer
Countries like Egypt, India, and Indonesia haven’t been quick to pick a side in the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Does this reflect a reinvigoration of the Cold War-era Non-Aligned Movement?

Making High School Less Exhausting (The Atlantic)
by Lisa L. Lewis
High school start times have long been at war with teenagers’ natural sleep patterns. A new California law represents a big step toward changing that.

The Meanings of “Evil” (The Conversation)
by Elise Springer
Once, “evil” just meant “bad.” What do we mean when we use the word now? And what does labeling a person “evil” mean for the potential for accountability?

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