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How a god mediates between tigers and humans (Atlas Obscura)
by Radhika Iyengar
In much of India, local Indigenous communities worship a tiger god and seek its protection. This system has kept relationships between big cats and humans harmonious on a timescale that conservationists could only dream of.

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The information revolution in the kitchen (Works in Progress)
by Nick Whitaker
For the first half of the twentieth century, Americans’ kitchens became far more user-friendly. They haven’t changed much since. But a different kind of technology—one that’s intangible but still very important—has drastically altered the way we cook at home.

Death in America (The Atlantic)
by Derek Thompson
People in the U.S. live shorter lives than their counterparts in Europe, for a staggering variety of reasons. What would it look like for political leaders to take this seriously?

The modern meanings of a Black samurai (Black Perspectives)
by Warren A. Stanislaus
The anime series Yasuke tells the fictionalized story of a real sixteenth-century African warrior who became a samurai in Japan. There are reasons the story resonates with audiences today.

How to potty-train your cow (Associated Press)
by Seth Borenstein
In a bid to reduce the environmental impact of farming, a new study reveals that cows can learn to use a designated bathroom area. Just like with toddlers, it may require some sweet rewards.

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