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Trumpism and the Lost Cause (CNN)
by Rhae Lynn Barnes and Keri Leigh Merritt
From Confederate flags in the Capitol to senators drawing parallels to the 1876 election, the attempted coup of January 6 raised the specter of the end of Reconstruction and the birth of the Lost Cause myth.

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Meet the world’s last northern white rhinos (The New York Times)
by Sam Anderson
Rhinoceroses once roamed all over the world. Now many species are close to extinction, and none is closer than the northern white rhino, which has just two much-loved members left.

How not to screw up the moon (Nature)
by Alexandra Witze
Ice on the moon could hold clues to the solar system’s history. When humans arrive again for the first time since 1972, will they contaminate it?

The labor of being studied (Wired)
by Grace Huckins
The process of studying marginalized communities, like trans, indigenous, and disabled people, can put excessive pressure on those very people, especially if they aren’t involved in designing the research projects.

When the Supreme Court took on anti-vaxxers (History)
by Dave Roos
More than 100 years ago, the Supreme Court determined that muncipalities could require vaccinations. That promoted public health and set a precedent that was used in a very disturbing way.

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