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Mealworms on the menu (The Guardian)
by Daniel Boffey
The European Union has approved mealworms as a safe food. Will the high-protein, low-carbon-footprint ingredient be a game changer?

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Wailing for the dead (Nursing Clio)
by Quinn Terry
In the nineteenth century, the English colonial regime suppressed the haunting Irish keens for the dead, but they never went away completely. That may be because of the deep emotional resonance of the layered sound as mourners join together.

Why are sea shanties having a moment in 2021? (Slate)
by Kyle Piscioniere
TikTok these days is full of young people singing about working hard for little pay, facing violence, and…butchering whales. Why are sea shanties so popular? And where did those distinctive rhythms and harmonies come from to begin with?

Eleven historians on the January 6 insurrection (The Scholarly Kitchen)
by Karin Wulf and contributors
The deadly assault on the Capitol strained historical comparisons, yet as several historians show, it also fit within difficult precedents that can’t be denied.

Advice for the Donner Party (Wired)
by Cody Cassidy
Say you’re a member of the Donner Party. How do you survive the icy winter? Well, to start with, make sure to be a woman. Then, remember that there’s nothing innate about the taboo against cannibalism.

White supremacy in uniform (The Conversation)
by Vida Johnson
How did violent extremists get into the Capitol this month? We can’t fully come to grips with that question without examining racism and white supremacy within police departments.

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