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Unleaded Turmeric (Undark)
by Wudan Yan
For decades, spice processors in Bangladesh faced intense pressure to add poisonous lead chromate to turmeric. Fixing the problem took a mix of international cooperation, a heavy dose of public awareness, and just a dash of legal action.

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The Wrestling Spiders of the Philippines (Sapiens)
by Gideon Lasco
Arachnophobia is common around the world. So why do Filipino kids—and sometimes adults—catch spiders and make them wrestle? And what does this game mean for human relations with the natural world?

The High-Tech Yeasts Changing Craft Beer (Wired)
by Anna Kramer
Genetically modified yeasts can keep beer from acquiring nasty flavors and add new and interesting notes. But how much should brewers diverge from the traditions that have always made beer what it is?

The Unique Early Christian Church (Aeon)
by Martha Rampton
Early Christians set their new religion in direct opposition to pagan beliefs of the Roman world. Among other distinguishing characteristics, the church rejected nature worship, moved public ceremony indoors, and embraced their dead in a way that horrified outsiders.

Rastafarians’ Shifting Theology (The Conversation)
by Charles A. Price
When the first generation of Rastafarians emerged in the 1930s, they identified Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie as God. As members of the faith gather to celebrate the anniversary of his birth, they bring many different perspectives on his divinity.

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