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Designing the post-waste age (Aeon)
by Justin McGuirk
From carbon dioxide to single-use plastics, waste is a defining aspect of human impact on the planet. But mass production of long-lasting waste is a very new problem, historically speaking, and designers may have a role in bringing it to an end.

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E.O. Wilson’s revolutions in understanding evolution (Nautilus)
by David Sloan Wilson
Biologist E.O. Wilson changed the course of scientific thinking about evolution, not just through his own varied studies but by helping to grow an ecosystem of researchers.

The very mainstream Capitol rioters (Slate)
by Aymann Ismail
Violence on the political right typically comes from members of extremist groups who conform to a particular profile. Most of the people who carried out the January 6 attack on the Capitol last year didn’t fit it.

Our languages, our dogs (NPR)
by Alejandra Marquez Janse and Christopher Intagliata
Your dog may not speak English, but she may be able to tell if you switch to a different language, a new study finds.

The many meanings of women’s fitness (The Cut)
by Maggie Lange
The women’s fitness industry has been expanding for decades. Those years have brought many visions of what exercise means for beauty, health, success, and emotional wellbeing.

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