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Looking deeper at school shootings (The Conversation)
by Bryan Warnick, Benjamin A. Johnson, and Sam Rocha
The response to school shootings often involves increased security measures. But what if this actually makes violence more likely?

So, you’ve got the sniffles (New York Magazine)
by Kate Morgan
Is that runny nose and sore throat just a cold, or is it the flu? How to tell, and what to do when you get sick.

Why I see green where you see yellow (The Atlantic)
by Marin Koren
What color is a tennis ball? Your answer to this surprisingly controversial question might depend on whether you’re a morning person or a night owl.

Orangutans’ last chance (NPR)
by Merrit Kennedy
Over the past 16 years, the world’s largest species of orangutans has lost more than half its population. What can humans do to save one of our closest relatives?

The global power of cities (The Washington Post)
by Ian Klaus
For a long time, nation-states have been the political units that matter when it comes to responding to issues like climate change, terrorism, and economic inequality. But today it’s mayors, working together across national boundaries, who are taking on these issues, too.

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