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“Crisis actors” and the Civil Rights Movement (The Washington Post)
by Michael E. Miller
The conspiracy theories about Parkland teen activists echo a long history of disparaging politically engaged African-Americans, including the nine teenagers who enrolled at Little Rock Central High School.

The mystery of curling (The New Yorker)
by Alan Burdick
Why do curling stones move the way they do? Even physicists don’t really understand.

The history of morning drinking (Atlas Obscura)
by Jessica Furseth
A few British pubs open first thing in the morning, a tradition that harkens back to a time when almost everyone drank beer almost all day.

Love songs and love science (The Verge)
by Angela Chen
To understand her fixation on an old relationship, the rapper Dessa turned to neuroscience. Spending time in an MRI machine shaped her latest album.

Oedipus Mouse (Harvard Magazine)
by Sophia Nguyen
Our relationships with our parents—including adoptive parents—may influence who we want to date once we grow up. Turns out that’s also true for mice.

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