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How preschool works (The New York Times)
by Jeneen Interlandi
The preschool years are increasingly understood as key to children’s emotional and mental development. But there’s no simple answer to what makes a good preschool teacher.

Life beyond three dimensions (Aeon)
by Margaret Wertheim
Once, no one thought of the space we live in as three-dimensional. Science and art changed that. But can we imagine a five- or eleven-dimensional universe?

What are sex robots good for? (Vox)
by Karen Turner
The sex robots have arrived. A philosopher explains why that could be good news for society.

What works to promote workplace equality (The Conversation)
by Elizabeth C. Tippett
Addressing harassment and discrimination against working women isn’t just about sex and social norms. It’s about money, power, and laws.

Grisly entertainment up close and personal (Atlas Obscura)
by Michael Waters
Long before police procedurals and true crime podcasts, a curious public found horrifying entertainment at the Paris Morgue.

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