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Better holidays through research (Slate)
by Brigid Schulte
Holiday stress getting to you? Let science (or at least a few psychology studies) improve your celebrations.

The surprisingly literal origins of the toast (Atlas Obscura)
by Anne Ewbank
Lifting a glass to toast your friends and family? Back in the 1700s, when the practice began, that glass would have been garnished with an actual piece of toast.

Monopoly and democracy (The Conversation)
by Margot Susca
If Disney merges with 21st Century Fox, what difference will it make? It could change a whole lot of things, including television coverage of human rights in China to what we know about nutrition.

When inequality grows, what happens to rich people? (The Washington Post)
by Stéphane Côté and Robb Willer
Will the GOP tax bill’s windfall for the rich encourage wealthy people to be more generous and support policies that reduce inequality in the future? Research suggests it’s not likely.

When new neighbors bring the cops with them (The Atlantic)
by Abdallah Fayyad
Gentrification doesn’t just mean cute coffee shops coming to the neighborhood. It means crackdowns on drum circles and parades, and more potentially dangerous interactions between residents and police.

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