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When Theater Goes Big (The Conversation)
by Joanna Dee Das
The live entertainment scene in Branson, Missouri, is built on spectacle and aimed at an audience that leans to the political and cultural right. It could also hold important lessons for artsy, liberal theaters around the country.

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Who’s Dying Early in America? (Vox)
by Dylan Matthews
The widening gap in early deaths between more- and less-educated Americans is a sprawling, daunting problem. But breaking down the factors behind the shift—and the specific demographics that are most affected—could point to some practical solutions.

Our Growing Universe (Knowable Magazine)
by Dan Falk
Scientists have known for a century that the universe is expanding, but the question of how fast it’s happening is an increasingly perplexing problem, with different measurement methodologies yielding different results. Resolving the issue may mean rethinking our model of the cosmos.

3D Printing with Brain Cells (Wired)
by Celia Ford
Scientists are on the hunt for methods of modeling human brains that avoid animal testing and mimic the real thing more closely. One promising technology involves printing, except the ink has been replaced with rat brain cells suspended in gel.

The Scientist Who Knew Covid was Airborne (NPR)
by Gabriel Spitzer
A researcher who identified and publicized problems with initial models of COVID-19’s spread is being recognized as a MacArthur Fellow. How did she catch an issue that so many missed?

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