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Building a Longer-Lived Golden Retriever (Slate)
by Isobel Whitcomb
Like all dog breeds, golden retrievers have been manipulated by humans to have characteristics we like. That isn’t necessarily good for their health. Soon, genetic research may let us select the “best” pets based not just on appearance and personality but on longevity and well-being.

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A Head-Spinning Situation (The New Yorker)
by Shayla Love
Everyone gets dizzy sometimes, but when the condition persists it can radically destabilize a person’s life. It’s also a very difficult issue to pin down, with many possible causes and manifestations that can be hard to describe.

The Ocean is an Engine (Yale Environment 360)
by Richard Schiffman
Even if we care about whales and fish, we usually don’t spend much time thinking about the vast realm in which they live. But the physics of the ocean shape the entire planet and all the life on it—and we should be humbled by how little we understand it.

The Real Story Behind Assassin’s Creed (Smithsonian Magazine)
by Nicholas Liu
From Marco Polo to the Assassin’s Creed video game franchise, the Nizari Ismailis have inspired fascination and fanciful stories. But who were these bold assassins really?

Who Lives in Gaza? (The Conversation)
by Maha Nassar
The Gaza Strip has been under Israeli occupation since 1967. Two-thirds of its 2 million residents are refugees, almost half are children, and more than half live in poverty.

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