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The power of slime (Orion Magazine)
by Lacy M. Johnson
Slime molds aren’t molds at all. They’re single-celled entities that can grow enormously, solve mazes and—in a healthy, nourishing environment—live forever. Can they help us rethink hierarchies that inevitably place humans at the pinnacle?

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How will the Taliban finance its government? (The Conversation)
by Hanif Sufizada
For two decades, the Afghan government was largely funded by the United States and other foreign powers. With the Taliban in control, how will they replace that income?

In pursuit of mindlessness (Scientific American)
by Alexander P. Burgoyne and David Z. Hambrick
We’ve all heard about the importance of mindfulness. But, studies show, sometimes completing a task well depends on being distracted.

Why experts get climate change wrong (Bloomberg)
by Kate Mackenzie
Many business leaders and policymakers are thoroughly convinced of the significance of climate change. But that doesn’t mean they’re really grappling with the implications. That’s because the models experts use simply aren’t equipped to analyze the dangers we’re facing.

We can’t remember 9/11 (Salon)
By Mary Elizabeth Williams
Where were you on 9/11? Even if you’re old enough to remember, your memories are likely to be at least somewhat inaccurate—and possibly wildly wrong.

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