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Where in the Universe Should We Seek Life? (Quanta Magazine)
by Rebecca Boyle
In the hunt for Earthlike planets that could sustain life, scientists are finding that some sectors of the Milky Way may be better prospects than others. What makes for the most hospitable spots?

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Boxing with Parkinson’s (Sapiens)
by Julia K. Sloane
Parkinson’s disease can make people feel that they’re not in control of their body or their future. Some find solace by going head-to-head with those feelings—in the boxing ring.

The Climate Conspiracy Era (Aeon)
by Ákos Szegőfi
Conspiracy theories help make sense of confusing tragedies, giving people an enemy to hold responsible and ways to take action. In a coming time of climate chaos, there may be a big market for these ideas.

The Legal Case for Killing ChatGPT (The Conversation)
by João Marinotti
The New York Times is asking a court to order the destruction of the large language model known as ChatGPT. Copyright law precedent shows that it’s not necessarily an unreasonable request.

How to Get out of Your Chair (Vox)
by Allie Volpe
There’s increasing evidence that sitting for long periods is bad for our health. Many of us do it anyway. But there are a number of simple tweaks to our desk-bound routines that can make a real difference.

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