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Can the Marshall Islands Save Themselves? (Hakai Magazine)
by Krista Langlois
The Republic of the Marshall Islands is among the most vulnerable in the world to rising seas. It’s also at the forefront of adaptation, with plans to survive the coming catastrophe both physically and culturally.

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Breaking Free from Parking (Yale Environment 360)
by Henry Grabar
There are at least three parking spaces per car in the US, and parking takes up enormous amounts of space in the most sought-after parts of cities. But some communities are taking a new approach that could push car culture off its pedestal.

A Pretty Mineral and the Origins of Life (Eos)
by Elise Cutts
The bright green mineral olivine is common in the Earth’s mantle and around the solar system. New research shows how it may also have been responsible for aiding the creation of materials needed for the world’s first living things.

Is Awe Good for Us? (Nautilus)
by Kevin Berger
A feeling of wonder can take us out of our own problems and egos, connecting us with something universal. It may also contribute to genocides. How should we understand this powerful emotion?

Wait, Maybe Moths Aren’t Drawn to Flames? (The Guardian)
by Ian Sample
It may be a ubiquitous metaphor, but new research suggests we’ve gotten the relationship between moths and flames wrong. The insects may be less drawn to nighttime light than baffled by it.

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