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The Academy of American Poets has declared it Poem in Your Pocket Day. We’re not complaining; we’re suggesting you download, print, and put one of these poems in your pockets. Or just download one and stick your phone in your pocket! The first poem is by Dorothea Lasky, who kicked off JSTOR Daily Live with a poetry séance at the Morbid Anatomy Museum in Brooklyn last April.

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We Are From the Moon (with Thom Donovan for Deadpan)

by Dorothea Lasky

Courbet says we
Are lovers from the moon
I am glad that we are not anything
But the grand thing we were making that one day
That was bitten by sands, marvelous oceans
The tuber fruit rising among fishes
In a forgotten moon


by Dawn Lundy Martin

Caving outward.
Mummied in own skin.
Deafened by the sound of squeezing out.

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by Eileen Myles

ball of light
comes up a street
meets a park, enters.

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